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“Voices from the Shadows” free to view until 31 December 2014

A must-see film, “Voices from the Shadows” is intense and not suitable for young people with ME or children

From the makers of the film:

““Voices from the Shadows” is now available to view free on Vimeo with a promo code

To go to Vimeo click here  then click on the ‘rent for $3′ button and enter the promo code VOICES  

Voices from the Shadows” shows the brave and sometimes heartrending stories of five ME patients and their carers, along with input from Dr Nigel Speight, Prof Leonard Jason and Prof Malcolm Hooper. It was filmed and edited between 2009 and 2011 by the brother and mother of an ME patient in the UK. The film shows the devastating consequences that occur when patients are disbelieved and the illness is misunderstood. Severe and lasting relapse occurs when patients are given inappropriate psychological or behavioural management: management that ignores the reality of this physical illness and the severe relapse or exacerbation of symptoms that can be caused by increased physical or mental activity, over exposure to stimuli and by further infections. (See Bristol Watershed event videos)

A belief in behavioural and psychological causes, particularly when ME becomes very severe and chronic, following mismanagement, is still taught to medical students and healthcare professionals in the UK. As a consequence, situations very  similar to those shown in the film are taking place right now, both in the UK and in other countries.

Voices from the Shadows’ received its premiere at the prestigious Mill Valley film festival near San Francisco in 2011, where it won the audience award for favourite international doc. The film has been shown in many countries and in different venues – from parliament buildings to cinemas, universities and homes – from the IACFS/ME conference in Ottawa 20011, to the Stanford ME /CFS Symposium 2014.

We do not consider this film to be suitable viewing for children and young people with ME.

It can be rented to view online at $3 for a week’s access – or at the moment it is free with a promo code – VOICES

The original “Trailer” can be watched  here on Youtube or here under the About the film pages on Vimeo.

Watch the “Introduction” to the film – the first 4 mins – in English here  – or with subtitles in  GermanSwedishDutchItalianFrenchSpanishCzech or Japanese on Youtube.”

Voices from the Shadows available on Vimeo!

Voices from the Shadows available on Vimeo!

So many of us are immersed in the struggles (particularly in the USA) about definition, diagnosis and treatment (in addition to just trying to make it through the day).

We live the horror of this illness every day and often are at a loss on how to explain it to others. Fortunately Natalie and Josh Bolton made Voices from the Shadows – an excellent film about the severely ill.

The film Voices from the Shadows is currently available on Vimeo for $3.00 (for a one week rental)!

You can access this excellent film from the film website WELCOME page directly from –


Please watch and share widely!

Passing along some info:

There is a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a documentary on ME(cfs).

The campaign runs until Wednesday July 10th at 12:19am EDT and is being run by Ryan Prior (patient and newly minted journalist) and Nicole Castillo (cinematographer).

Prior recently wrote this article

A promotional video, FAQs and some more info available here:

The intended audience of the film is not quite clear. During this discussion (, Prior seems to indicate that it is for medical students and he also talks about it being for “…teachers, social works, insurers, journalists, politicians, artists and churches”.

We hope that before work begins on this project that the film’s scope and intended audience, etc. are clarified as what needs to be conveyed to insurers is different from what medical students need to know, and is different from what teachers need to know, etc.

There is most certainly a need for top-notch media and film work on ME and we hope these young, enthusiastic people produce a film as good as the very excellent “Voices from the Shadows” (2011) by Josh Biggs & Natalie Boulton or the excellent film “I Remember Me” (2000) Kim A. Snyder.

TV screening of Voices From The Shadows (Brisbane Australia)

Voices From the Shadows is a documentary about ME/CFS.

It is very powerful, it is very moving*.

TV Screening in Australia – Brisbane

“Posted by Admin on September 20, 2012 in News

We are delighted to announce the first TV screening of Voices from the Shadows this year. It is being broadcast by 31Digital Community Television Station in Brisbane on Sunday 7th of October 2012. We would like to thank Lesley McLeod, as this has come about entirely as a result of her determined efforts to use the film for educating people in her region.”


Please spread the word about this TV screening!


*May be too emotionally wrenching for young people with ME/CFS.