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Reminder – take the ME/CFS Social Security Disability/SSI Survey now!

Thanks to everyone who has taken the survey.

For those who have not done so yet here is the link:

You can do it in parts by saving and returning.


Take the ME/CFS Social Security Disability/SSI Survey

Anecdotal reports from physicians and patients suggest that being approved for Social Security disability (SSDI) may be more difficult for ME/CFS patients than for patients with other illnesses. Documentation of success rates is lacking and there is very little hard data on what works best in the disability process.

We look forward to finding out many things with this survey.

Among them:

to see if there are common threads in successful applications.

to see if the application process has been streamlined  – Social Security says that it has.

to find out how things have changed over time for applicants and

what sort of success rates applicants have with SSDI/SSI determinations.

If you are a U.S.* citizen, and have ever filed for SSDI and/or SSI, please complete the survey.

Here is the link for the survey:


The information gathered will be used to provide a report to the CFSAC and the Social Security Administration on the “State of the Social Security Disability Process in the Online (US) CFS Community” and to inform future disability applicants with ME/CFS of factors that might help them be more successful.

You can do the survey in multiple passes by saving and returning.

Feel free to have someone complete the survey for you (if they know you) if you cannot do so yourself.) Only one survey per computer, though –if multiple members of your household have gone through the disability process you’ll need to use more than one computer.

All personal information such as name and email address (if you chose to provide them) will be kept confidential.

Encourage others who have applied for SSDI and or SSI to take the survey also!

* – It is not our intention to exclude citizens of other countries – we just don’t know enough (yet) about social services and disability in other countries to put together similar surveys. Help us all learn about social services and disability in your country by submitting legitimate/valid information about them.