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Reposted with permission

“Mirjam Knapp – cards wanted

Our medical adviser Dr Nigel Speight has been in touch to seek members’ support for Mirjam Knapp, a 15 year old German girl who is being kept in hospital and subjected to an ‘activation regime’. So far the result of this ‘activation regime’ has been continued deterioration, to the point that Mirjam is now completely bedridden and needs tube feeding.

The ‘activation regime’ continues, and currently takes the form of being forced to sit upright for some time each day with the help of a rigid corset made specially. Which is all the that she can ‘do’.

This regime is against her strongly expressed wishes. However the hospital authorities have declared that the girl lacks competence to refuse her “treatment”.

Because her mother has objected to the regime she has had her parental rights removed and her visitation rights are limited to 3 hours a day, and might be stopped at any time.

Dr Speight thought it would be good for Marjam to receive cards to let her know that others are thinking of her. We agree.

If you would like to send a card. Marjam’s address in hospital is:

Mirjam Knapp
Klinikum Kassel
Neuropaediatrie Station F81Monchebergstrasse 41-43
34125 Kassel

Nigel suggests people just say something like “We are SO sorry to hear how unwell you are, and we heartily wish you can soon get home to your mother”. You might want to let her know that you heard about her via an ME Charity to which you belong.”


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