Registration for IOM open session (Jan 27th 1-5:30pm) is now open

IOM provided the following answers to some questions (some questions still unanswered)

Meeting room capacity – after taking committee member’s table into account – 60 (sixty) people

Registration for attending the meeting will automatically close when 60 people have registered.

Webcast viewing – unlimited number of viewers, anyone with an internet connection (any country) should be able to watch.

Valid photo ID needed for security sign in at building entrance

Arrive 20-30 minutes ahead of session to avoid lines at security

Meeting room is on the main floor, close to building entrance

Sign in again at registration table (meeting room entrance)

No security escort required within building

Security guards are available to direct people to wherever they need to go

A room directly across from meeting room is available to people before the open meeting session and for rest during the meeting.

Restrooms are on the main floor (down the elevator hall — not sure where that is in relation to the meeting room)

Food and drink are available on the third floor of the IOM building (Keck). Cafeteria is open from 7:00am to 2:30 pm. Vending machines for food/drink are also on the third floor (near the elevators).

People may eat and drink in the meeting room.

Tentative agenda for open session


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