11 December 2013 Revised agenda for today’s CFSAC webinar

Received from CFSAC at about 10:45am (Eastern time)

Revised Agenda (Eastern Standard Time)

12:00PM  Call to order, Roll Call (including Introduction of new members, Housekeeping, Welcome, Opening remarks)
12:20PM  IOM Report  – Nancy Lee (including ~20min. for committee questions)
12:50PM Agency Updates
1:10PM Public Comments (please limit to 3 min. each)
1:45PM Break
2:00PM Liaison representatives – reports
2:15PM Education and Patient Care subcommittee and CDC website Committee report
2:30PM ME/CFS Researcher and Clinician-Scientist Recruitment Workgroup Report
3:00PM Education for ME/CFS Working Group Report
3:30PM Committee discussion re: working groups and any recommendations
4:55PM Closing remarks
5:00PM Adjourn

The CFSAC support team hopes to schedule another webinar (either 1-day or 2-day, perhaps in February) before the next scheduled face-to-face CFSAC meeting in May or June 2014 that would specifically focus the committee discussions and recommendations about the workgroup efforts.


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