Change in CFSAC webinar meeting UPDATE

Because the US government is closed today (weather related) today’s portion of the meeting is postponed.

Hopefully more details will be available soon.


Indications are that Wednesday 11 Dec. meeting will go ahead as scheduled.

No info yet on how this affects agenda or public comment.

UPDATE from CFSAC ListServ

Because of a snow storm in the Washington DC area, the Federal Office of Personnel Management has closed all federal govt. offices in DC.  This includes the tech support we need for webinars.


Unfortunately, we cannot have the webinar today.  Additionally, we cannot get the CFSAC website updated today. 


We will have the webinar tomorrow (Wed. Dec. 11) beginning at noon ET, IF govt. offices are open.   Dr Gailen Marshall, the CFSAC Chair, will work with the committee members at the beginning of the webinar to modify the agenda to accommodate the compressed timeframe. 


We will have public comment tomorrow for those who were scheduled to speak on Wed.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accommodate the public comments that were scheduled for Tuesday because we cannot confirm with the speakers that they are available for the Wednesday time slot. 


So that we have more time for the Committee to deliberate and discuss, we ask those providing public comment tomorrow to limit their speaking time to 3 minutes.


If we must cancel the webinar tomorrow (DC doesn’t handle snowy, icy roads well), we will reschedule the CFSAC meeting webinar to occur after the first of the year.


More info on government closure in DC at


We regret that this has happened.  We hope to be on the webinar with you tomorrow!


The CFSAC Support Team


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