Another Non-Answer from HHS

Remember the allegations of intimidation at the May 2013 CFSAC meeting?

Remember the letters sent asking for an investigation of those allegations?

It seems fair to say that HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) is running true to form, because yet again we have a NON-answer from them…

Read more about it at this OccupyCFS post :

“Nothing to See Here

November 25th, 2013 Jennie Spotila Leave a comment Go to comments

After more than four months, Assistant Secretary Dr. Howard Koh has finally responded to our request for an investigation into the allegations that Dr. Nancy Lee attempted to intimidate at least two voting members of the CFS Advisory Committee. His response boils down to something along the lines of, “Ok people, move along, nothing to see here.” In fact, his letter is so dismissive of the allegations and so vague on what he’s done about it, that it barely qualifies as a response at all.”

REMINDER – Public comment for CFSAC is due Friday Nov 29th( —  If you are still working on your public comment, consider adding in your take on this much delayed lack of answer (and perhaps other examples of non-communication by HHS)……

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