Passing along some info:

There is a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a documentary on ME(cfs).

The campaign runs until Wednesday July 10th at 12:19am EDT and is being run by Ryan Prior (patient and newly minted journalist) and Nicole Castillo (cinematographer).

Prior recently wrote this article

A promotional video, FAQs and some more info available here:

The intended audience of the film is not quite clear. During this discussion (, Prior seems to indicate that it is for medical students and he also talks about it being for “…teachers, social works, insurers, journalists, politicians, artists and churches”.

We hope that before work begins on this project that the film’s scope and intended audience, etc. are clarified as what needs to be conveyed to insurers is different from what medical students need to know, and is different from what teachers need to know, etc.

There is most certainly a need for top-notch media and film work on ME and we hope these young, enthusiastic people produce a film as good as the very excellent “Voices from the Shadows” (2011) by Josh Biggs & Natalie Boulton or the excellent film “I Remember Me” (2000) Kim A. Snyder.

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