NIH and funding priorities

Hint, ME(cfs) isn’t one of them.


Ms. Spotila at Occupy CFS has another post that deserves to be read, discussed and shared widely:

….The 2012 numbers are now available, and the news is not good at all: funding has fallen off a cliff to its lowest level since 2008.

First, recall that NIH had projected to spend $6 million on CFS research in 2012, the same as the amount spent in 2011. Unfortunately, NIH now says that it spent $5 million in 2012, and projects the same amount for 2013 and 2014. Even worse, when I dug into the actual grants, I found that NIH had spent far less than $5 million.

There are 16 grants listed for 2012 spending (several grants appear twice on the list because they received funding from more than one Institute) for a total of $4,518,182. This is a decrease of $1,827,966 or 28.8% from the 2011 funding. In 2011, ME/CFS was 218th out of 235 disease categories funded by NIH. In 2012, we dropped to 224th place. ….”




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