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Simmaron Research

To ME/CFS Patients Living in NJ, NY, PA and surrounding area

A bus is being sponsored by Simmaron ( ) to take patients, family and friends to the FDA Advisory Meeting on Dec. 20th on Ampligen.

This will be the first drug ever reviewed by an advisory committee for the treatment of ME/CFS. Your presence at this meeting is invaluable. Show the committee and the FDA that we need treatments and that this disease is serious.

The bus (free ride) will be leaving from 783 Jersey Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ (parking is safe and available for the full day – no cost). There are 28 seats available. Drinks & snacks, comfortable seating and restroom facilities on board.

Boarding Location: 783 Jersey Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ

Time: Thursday, December 20, 7:00 AM BOARDING – 7:30 AM DEPARTURE

Time: The bus will board at 7 AM; depart by 7:30 AM and head to the meeting in Silver Spring, MD. The bus will re-board at end of meeting at 5:30 PM and head back to NJ.

If you are interested in going – you must email or phone Nancy by Thursday, Dec. 13th at 1 PM. Email: or call her at 610-952-2595.

FDA meeting link:


December 20, 2012

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

FDA White Oak Campus
Building 31
Great Room (Rm. 1503)
White Oak Conference Center
10903 New Hampshire Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland



If you were unable to submit your public comment for the 20 December 2012 FDA meeting about Ampligen, Bob Miller ( offered to hand carry your public comment to the meeting.  He cannot guarantee that they will be read but they will be seen!

Tell the advisory committee what it is like to have ME/CFS and tell them that treatment is needed NOW.

Feel free to use this template:

“Subject line:  Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- Ampligen

To The Advisory Committee Reviewing Ampligen:

My name is ___________________…. .

I have had CFS for more than ___ years.

Before I became ill, I ______________________…….

My life because of CFS _______________________________________________……..

The reality is that CFS is a horribly devastating illness that effects every moment of my life.

CFS patients need treatments.

We have seen patients do well on Ampligen. We have seen patients’ quality of life improve as a result of Ampligen.

Help us have access to treatments.

Please give the CFS community hope of getting our lives back.



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