Public Comments due Thursday, December 6th 2012 for FDA Advisory Committee on Ampligen CALL TO ACTION (updated)

Thursday, 6 December, 2012 is the deadline to submit public comment for the 20 Dec 2012 Arthritis Advisory Committee Meeting!


Please spread the word about this – there are only a few days until the deadline. Anyone, anywhere can participate!

If anyone has trouble submitting their comments please email us (see below) – we will do our best to help.

Why is it important for you to send your comments?

For the first time ever, ME/CFS has the chance to get a treatment approved.  Whether you have been on Ampligen or not, whether you wanted to try it or not – once one drug gets approved other drugs will come along and so will additional research dollars.  It will also legitimize the disease in the minds of the medical community and the world.

Why is this public comment just about Ampligen?

Because this particular meeting is part of the process to approve a drug. 

Send in your comments to let the advisory committee know what it is like to have ME/CFS and to tell them that treatment is needed NOW.  

Your comments do not need to be lengthy. Feel free to use the template below. (The template uses CFS because that is how the FDA website refers to this wretched illness. Using CFS will probably make it easier for those on the committee to follow.)

(The advocacy community will continue to update you about additional significant meetings coming up – including the Stakeholder meeting in the spring, as well as about issues dealing with CDC and NIH…) 

Right now we need to let the Advisory Committee hear us on this issue.

Send in your public comment by THURSDAY DECEMBER 6th, 2012

Send your comments to:   (this is the correct email address)

Subject line:  Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- Ampligen

To The Advisory Committee Reviewing Ampligen:

My name is ___________________…. .

I have had CFS for more than ___ years. 

Before I became ill, I ______________________……. 

My life because of CFS _______________________________________________…….. 

The reality is that CFS is a horribly devastating illness that effects every moment of my life. 

CFS patients need treatments.

We have seen patients do well on Ampligen. We have seen patients’ quality of life improve as a result of Ampligen.

Help us have access to treatments.

Please give the CFS community hope of getting our lives back.



send a copy of your email to:  (SpeakUpAboutMe at gmail dot com)

Remember to send in your public comment by THURSDAY DECEMBER 6th, 2012


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