Remember the email campaign to the FDA begun last spring?

And later, we sent more emails to the FDA…

And we reminded you again to send emails and to have friends and family send emails also….

And in early July we were really glad to let everyone know that our efforts had been successful and that the FDA had agreed to a Stakeholder Meeting with the ME/CFS Community.


Well, soon, we start meeting with the FDA.

The first meeting is a teleconference on September 13th, 2012 when the FDA will host a 90 minute teleconference to plan the ME/CFS Community and FDA Stakeholder Meeting.(The call is limited to 50 phone lines.)

This call is a planning meeting for the FDA Stakeholder Meeting that Dr. Janet Woodcock has agreed to.

(The date and location of the actual ME/CFS and FDA Stakeholder Meeting are not yet known.)

The goal of this actual FDA Stakeholder meeting is the acceleration of treatment and expanded access to treatments.



More information about how this came about can be found here at Phoenix Rising’s FDA Resource Center:


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